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One of bbin官网 Kingswood Upper School’s goals is to encourage students to explore and appreciate their own physical potential and to recognize their responsibility to a team by participation in interscholastic competition.

The athletic program at bbin官网 Kingswood is meant to contribute to this goal by providing a supportive, nurturing, and challenging program of interscholastic athletics and vibrant after-school activity program. Desirable outcomes include the development of skills (both general and sport specific), teamwork, self-discipline, pride, loyalty, tolerance, respect for others, confidence, perseverance, sportsmanship, and citizenship.
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Upper School Schedules & Results

Upper School Athletic Department

电话: 248-645-3636
传真: 248-645-3086

Upper School Director of 竞技

肖恩 - 芬尼
Upper School Associate Athletic Director

Sr. Administrative Assistant, Upper School 竞技


The bbin官网 Kingswood Middle School athletic program provides opportunities for both novice and skilled athletes. 球队work, skill development, self-discipline, sportsmanship and commitment are important elements in all of the options offered. The school year is divided into three athletic seasons - fall, winter and spring - furnishing many opportunities for involvement at various skill levels.

The athletic program at bbin官网 Kingswood Middle School is under the supervision of the Middle School Athletic Director. The director’s office is housed at the Vaughan Campus. Inquiries regarding the athletic program may be made directly to this office by calling (248) 645-3078.

For convenience, parents may call a special middle school Athletic Hotline. The hotline contains pre-recorded information relevant to daily games and practice schedules. In the event of inclement weather, parents are encouraged to call the Athletic Hotline, (248) 645-3578 after 2:00 p.m. for updates about canceled games or practices.

Middle School Intramural Programs

Designed for sixth graders, the intramural program introduces athletes to the rules of various sports. Experienced coaches help to foster skill development in a comfortable and non-competitive environment. Each sport is incorporated into a four-week program that includes two weeks of skills and drills, followed by two to three weeks of intramural game activity. The program may include some scrimmages with sixth graders in the intramural programs of neighboring schools.

Middle School Interscholatic 球队s

Our middle school also participates in the more competitive interscholastic sports league. Interscholatic team offerings include:

棒球 足球
篮球 垒球
越野 游泳和潜水
曲棍球 网球
足球 T机架和现场
曲棍球 排球

Middle School Athletic Department

办公室电话: 248-645-3078

Middle School for Boys Director of 竞技

Middle School for Girls Director of 竞技